First of its kind eDiscovery workflow tool that captures/guides all human interaction before data preservation and collection. Fully capable to support law firms of any size in serving their clients better and levelling up their internal transparency with real time dashboard on all eDiscovery cases. Finally bringing an option to structure the data at your clients.


eDCaseMAN offers real time dashboards giving you a full overview of all your cases. Always keeping you on top of things enabling you to make informed decisions. Independent of how many cases you have you can always drill down to the information you require.


eDCaseMAN can be configured to meet your clients needs and how they should be involved, as a managed service or on-premise installation. Give the customers real-time status access and involve them where most efficient which of course is possible to modify over time to accommodate workload and organisation.


eDCaseMAN documents every step in the process from the initial legal request till completion of data collection. You will always have a full COC available in human readable format enabling you to put it forward shall you be required to do so.


eDCaseMAN enables your clients to gain up to 30% cost savings by scoping and validating your custodians and the requested data types before you execute the actual collection of the data and delivering them in a structured way. You hereby raise the defensibility of your clients cases enabling you to deliver information about the time it takes to collect based on location, date range and data types and every detail will always be available on your dashboard.

From achieving better case outcomes to cutting costs, it’s critical to find an end-to end solution that streamlines the process and reduces the complexity involved. eDCaseMAN improves your and your clients internal collaboration and communication as a significant part of litigation.

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